Wednesday, October 20, 2010

on Vacation!

Jeff and I took a much needed break. We drove down to Florida. Visiting children and grandchildren. We are also stopping at as many paper and craft stores I can find, my hubby is a saint-never complains. Visitng W Palm Beach, Port St Lucie, and now on to Orlando and the big mouse house. I don't have a wireless card , so i am loving the free wi-fi at Barnes and Noble. Plus I get to read all the new mags and have a cup or two of coconut green tea--yum!. I waited so long for this little respite and now it is almost over. oh well, there is always next year!.
When I get back to NY, I will have 5 SDU classes waitng for me to teach. I am loving this whole adventure. I am going to visit a shop in Orlando doing a Glimmer mist demo- can't wait. Take care and enjoy every moment.

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